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Yes! Give me VIP access (normally $48,099) for FREE​

(when I test drive OnlineCoureses.AI today)!

NOTE: We’ll be building out your copy, content, scripts and funnel inside of the OnlineCourses.AI platform, so be sure to get your free trial now! Afterwards, only $83.25/month (billed annually).

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Here's What You Get With OnlineCourses.AI Platform


Full-Spectrum Funnel Creation

Forget manual setups. Just answer a few questions, and let sculpt the perfect funnel for you. Whether it’s a live challenge, virtual summit, free quiz, recorded webinar, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Brand Identity & Voice Crafting:

Distinguish yourself in a crowded market. Our AI will help create a unique brand voice that resonates with your audience.


Understand your ideal customer with unparalleled precision. The platform assists in crafting an accurate customer avatar for targeted marketing.

Effortless Content Creation:

Wave goodbye to content creation woes. Whether it’s landing pages, sales emails, video scripts, or ad copy sets, get content that not only sounds like you but captivates your audience.

Social Media Mastery:

Propel your courses on every channel. Not just automate, but also craft compelling content tailor-made for social media platforms.

SEO-Optimized Articles:

Gain organic traction without the grind. Have our AI create dozens of SEO-rich articles in mere hours, boosting your visibility and driving organic traffic.

Comprehensive Course Creation:

Beyond selling, stands by your side to conceptualize, script, plan, and generate your course content.

Unlock Day 6-10 of the AI Bootcamp for Course Creators

Day 6: How to Create Your Entire Course Using AI

  • Learn how to use AI to help you structure your learning objectives and create modules and lessons for your courses. 
  • Understand how to answer prompts so that AI can write your video script for each lesson.
  • Work with AI to create quizzes and outcomes that your students can go through to test if they’ve learned properly.
  • Have AI make daily posts that you can put in your community to engage members regularly.

Day 7: How to Create Your Entire Challenge Funnel with AI

  • Learn how to generate an entire challenge funnel’s copy, end-to-end, using AI: from landing pages to lives pages and sales pages, to email sequences for lead generation, sales generation, engagement, and much more. 
  • Using AI, you’ll understand how to design a compelling customer journey to optimize for conversions at every touchpoint.
  • See how AI can help you make insight-driven decisions in optimizing your funnel and increasing your conversions.

Day 8: How to Write High-Converting Pages, Emails and Ads in Minutes

  • Understand the principles behind high-converting pages, emails and ads
  • Learn how to use AI to write these copy assets so that they sound like you and resonate with your target audience

Day 9: How to Boost Your Search Ranking and Organic Visibility

  • Learn how AI can analyze datasets to suggest the best SEO strategies, keywords, and content formats.
  • Learn to deploy AI tools to generate content that not only ranks but also engages and converts.

Day 10: How to Scale Your Business to 7 Figures—and Beyond

  • Get the roadmap to scaling your business to 7 figures, specifically for coaches and online course creators.
  • Learn the tried-and-tested strategies we applied for our own clients to help them scale to 7 figures and beyond.
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Trained to Sound exactly like you
Generate content for your social platforms
AI Tailored specifically for Course creators
Pick the funnel that suits you
Up to date based on the world-class marketing
SEO-Enhanced Articles
Craft compelling email copies
High-Converting Ads Copy
Automated content creation for the entire month
Curriculum Design & Development Weekly Consultations with AI Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: is a platform that effortlessly creates customized product funnels through the power of AI, trained based on our 10 years of experience making clients hundreds of millions of dollars in online education and personal growth. From courses to memberships to virtual events, builds your sales funnels for you so you don’t have to.
A: is ideal for online course creators who are passionate about what they teach, and need an automated, pre-designed, proven process for spreading their expertise and attracting the right students. Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a team, does the heavy lifting for you.
A: provides a streamlined process for creating customized product funnels. Choose between building a webinar, an online challenge, virtual summits, and more as the primary lead generation magnets that your funnel is built around. After a short assessment, the platform generates your entire funnel copy, including pages, emails, ads, video scripts—and it also codes the copy to a website, and gets it all set up in less than 1 hour! You can easily review the copy in one click, and update the funnel design to your branding colors, font and images.
A: Yes, we offer a 5-day Free trial. If you are not satisfied within the first 5 days of purchase, you can cancel your membership, no questions asked.
A: Book a call today to have a demo of the platform! Click here to have a 15-min chat with our marketing experts >>