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This stuff works even if you have zero tech skills, a clear offer or a proven funnel. Set up your entire funnel from scratch in just 5 days using our proprietary AI platform that does 96% of the work so you don’t have to.

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“Can I actually build a funnel in 5 days?”

I’ll answer that in a second. But first:
  • Have you tried using ChatGPT to generate content, but it just sucked?
  • Did you ever launch your funnel using AI—and you only heard crickets?
  • Have you ever written copy using AI, but it’s obvious a robot wrote it?
  • Do you f—ng hate to write content—and the output doesn’t even convert?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you’re exactly where you need to be.

By the end of this free challenge, you won’t just learn the exact formula for high-converting online course funnels: you’ll actually build one, end-to-end, through the power of AI.

Ready to launch and sell the ultimate online course funnel—in just 5 days?


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Ready to build your first-ever AI-powered online course funnel? Join us in the AI Bootcamp for Course Creators today.

How We Built A Million-Dollar Idea Without Realizing It

AKA The Story of OnlineCourses.AI

Hey there, I’m Alessio Pieroni. I’m the founder of Scale for Impact, the former CMO of Mindvalley, and I’ve been in this industry for nearly a decade.

Whether it was leading the team that tripled Mindvalley’s growth from $25 million to $75 million in revenue or working with industry titans like Tony Robbins and Ben Greenfield, my mission in this space has always been exactly the same: democratizing education, and using online courses and platforms to reinvent the way we learn.

That’s why I started Scale for Impact in 2020. Our team has had the privilege to help spread the knowledge of some of the biggest names in the field, whether it was launching Terry Real’s NYT bestselling book on building loving relationships or pioneering Marisa Peer’s challenges that help individuals create real abundance in their lives.

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We believe in the work that we do, and we know that it matters. But we also realized that if we wanted to help more knowledge experts to spread their wisdom, there was a solution right in front of us.

Initially, we created OnlineCourses.AI as an internal tool in our agency so we could serve more customers. But once we did that, we actually figured out that it was so powerful in scaling and producing content, that everyone would benefit from accessing it.

In fact, whenever we’d show this to potential clients or investors, all of them said the same thing: “Why are you keeping this just for your team? You should be letting every online course creator use this!”

So that’s exactly we did. With this FREE boot camp, not only will you have the chance to access the platform, but you will actually understand how it works, how to make the AI in the system work for you, and how to bring those two things together to build the ultimate online course funnel—in just 5 days, or less.

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Daily Challenge Structure


Build Your Brand Identity and Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Define your unique brand voice and get clear on your ideal customers. We’ll walk you through the principles for making your brand memorable and authentic, while giving you a powerful process for nailing down your customer avatar—so your offers convert with the right audience every time.

Define Your Product and Write Your Sales Page using AI

On Day 2, we’ll help you design a compelling offer that fits perfectly to your avatar’s needs. After getting clear on that, you’ll learn how to write sales copy that converts, while understanding how to use AI to generate that. Then we’ll wrap up with a step-by-step run-through of the OnlineCourses.AI platform.

Design and Deploy Your Winning Sales Page

On Day 3, we’ll show you how to integrate fundamental design principles that increase the odds of converting site visitors into customers. We’ll bring together visuals, copy, CTAs and UI/UX best practices—compatible with various platforms, and based on our high-converting templates—that will get you results.

Plan Your Social Media Strategy and Generate Great Content

On this day, you’ll be choosing one social media platform that we’ll go deep on to help you promote your offer. We’ll help you build a solid social media marketing plan, as well as generate the actual content for this plan together, while showing you how to tell a powerful story and use data on social media.

Launch Your Product

Time to launch your product! We’ll craft emails and ads based on the sales page that you can actually use to launch your funnel. As well, we’ll teach you important techniques to optimize conversions and get results from your first AI-powered course funnel.

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Build the Ultimate Course Funnel in 5 Days with AI

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