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Say goodbye to endless hours writing copy, coding your website or connecting different platforms. takes all that on—and then some.

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With, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge features that transform the way you set up your funnel and in how you market your offers:


Create Your Entire Funnel

Choose the funnel that fits your offer best, answer a few questions and get your entire funnel made for you in just 20 minutes—or less.

Get Clarity on Your Brand Identity:

Get clear on what your brand stands for, tell the AI what you want, and get tailor-fit recos on visuals, tone of voice, and more.

Define Your Customer Avatar:

From demographics to psychographics, our AI helps you get clear on who your offer is for—and how to position it so it actually converts.

Batch-Produce A Variety of Content:

Our AI produces high-converting content that captures your voice at every touchpoint in the funnel—from sales pages to scripts.

Master Your Socials:

Get social media strategy and content to post that’s tailor-fit to the best social media platforms for your specific offer and avatar.

Optimize Your SEO:

Our AI can write dozens of SEO-rich articles in just hours based on your input—boosting rank visibility and driving organic traffic.

Build A Complete Course:

Beyond selling, is with you at every step to conceptualize, script, plan, and generate your course content from scratch.

Copy that sounds just like you

Your content gets the best of both worlds: the efficiency of AI with the authenticity of a human touch. Our world-class copywriters and marketers trained the AI so that it mirrors your voice and resonates with your audience, every single time.

The same exact funnel as $100M+ courses

Whether your lead magnet is a free webinar, live challenge, online quiz or virtual summit; and whether you need help with social strategy, scripting content, or designing your actual course, with our AI, you can do it all—in just a few clicks.

Idea to creation in minutes, not days

All you need to do is answer a few questions designed to capture your vision and your main offer, and our AI will do the rest. Let it produce high-converting copy, pages and strategies for you as you scale your business to 7 figures—and beyond.

It’s time to get your online course business launched—without the costs or the grind. Get the best of both worlds with OnlineCourses.AI and sign up now.

What Makes Onlinecourses.AI
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ChatGPT+ OnlineCourses.AI

Trained to Sound exactly like you
Generate content for your social platforms
AI Tailored specifically for Course creators
Pick the funnel that suits you
Up to date based on the world-class marketing
SEO-Enhanced Articles
Craft compelling email copies
High-Converting Ads Copy
Automated content creation for the entire month
Curriculum Design & Development Weekly Consultations with AI Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: is a platform that effortlessly creates customized product funnels through the power of AI, trained based on our 10 years of experience making clients hundreds of millions of dollars in online education and personal growth. From courses to memberships to virtual events, builds your sales funnels for you so you don’t have to.

A: Yup! You just need to create your account to get access to the platform and get your content for free. Upgrade options will be available to unlock advanced features.

A: is ideal for online course creators who are passionate about what they teach, and need an automated, pre-designed, proven process for spreading their expertise and attracting the right students. Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a team, does the heavy lifting for you.
A: provides a streamlined process for creating customized product funnels. Choose between building a webinar, an online challenge, virtual summits, and more as the primary lead generation magnets that your funnel is built around. After a short assessment, the platform generates your entire funnel copy, including pages, emails, ads, video scripts—and it also codes the copy to a website, and gets it all set up in less than 1 hour! You can easily review the copy in one click, and update the funnel design to your branding colors, font and images.
A: Book a call today to have a demo of the platform! Click here to have a 15-min chat with our marketing experts >>

Build 96% of Your Funnel with OnlineCourses.AI

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